Welcome to Wotless

Welcome to Wotless and our 9th year on the road for Notting Hill Carnival Sunday!!!

Wotless is about letting yourself go and having the best time - with your friends, family and fellow masqueraders! It's our way of bringing people together to make new friends and have a jump up with old ones. So come chill, thief a wine or two and have a blast on the road with us!

Notting Hill Carnival Rules and Regulations

Notting Hill Carnival is changing and new rules and regulations came into play for 2018. Due to incidents in the past linked to some "Dutty Mas" bands, we are having to make changes in 2019 to demonstrate that we are responsible bands, out to have an incident free Sunday carnival.

We will also be implementing new rules and regulations for the band, something all "Dutty Mas" bands will be doing. We ask for your co-operation in adhering to these new rules and regs this year, as the consequence for not doing so will be very high, resulting in the total closure of all "Dutty Mas" bands at Notting Hill Carnival. Breaking or ignoring the rules and regulation may result in you being removed from the band, something we do not want to do but serious deliberate actions that may cause the total ban on "Dutty Mas" bands from participating will not be tolerated or excused.

We will say that over the 8 years that Wotless has been on the road, we have had no incidents or issues that has caused this now issue we are facing and will like to thank all our Wotless family for making us proud to part of the band. We hope that the other "Dutty Mas" bands see how important it is to get things right this year so that we can continue for many more years!!


"Very organised, good music, lots of drink! Would thoroughly recommend Wotless."

- Lavita, From London

"So much fun and laughter, I will definitely do it again!"

- Sita, From London